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Cons and Colds

Contact (Swancon) was the best con ever! People were so friendly and enthusiastic. The committee were helpful, organised and their cheerfulness was infectious. My fellow guests were insightful and fun. And my minders (who I called minions), Sandra and Wing, were fabulous – both a delight to hang out with and ready to spring into action […]

Perth Bookstore Tour

Today I was taken around to sign stock and meet booksellers in Perth by Todd, one of the local accounts manager. First stop Dymocks Garden City: Where Justin brought out a nice big stack of books for me to sign while he and I talked writing and good characters. Then a trip into the city […]

Discussing Contact (Swancon) on ABC Radio National

The interview was a lot of fun, shifted from conventions to writing, and seemed to be over in a flash. Here it is… Writing Sex and Dystopia in Speculative Fiction

The Book Show

Tomorrow (Monday 6th April) I’m going to be on talking live in the studio on ABC National’s The Book Show. Along with Richard Morgan, we’ll be discussing Contact, the convention I mentioned in the last post. Tune in at 10 am, or drop by the site later to listen to the podcast.

Making Contact in Perth

Next week I head west to Contact, Perth’s annual convention. This time not just in the role of paticipant, audience member, panellist and author, but as the National Guest. Which means I’ll be working extra hard to be entertaining, inspiring and fun. The first event will be a talk at the City of Stirling’s Osborne Library, […]