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Melbourne Bookseller Dinner

Last Monday I had a wonderful night out with a group of booksellers at Trunk, a restaurant on Exhibition Street in Melbourne. It was a fine meal with lovely and interesting company. I love booksellers. They are both passionate and knowledgeable about books and great down-to-earth people. I look forward to seeing these people again soon, when […]

Signing at Southland

Next week I have not one, but two public events to enjoy. The first is the Summer Reading panel and the second is my first Melbourne signing event. When: 12-1pm, Saturday 21st February Where: Dymocks Southland, 3067-8 Westfield Southland, 1239 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham. So come on down and get your books signed! 


The last few days have been harrowing here in Victoria, Australia, as thousands of people have lost their homes and hundreds their lives in savage bushfires. I was a teenager growing up on the edge of the Dandenong ranges when the Ash Wednesday fires devastated so much of the local areas, and was visiting the area in 1997 […]

Summer Reading

In a week’s time I’ll be making a public appearance at a local library to talk on a panel about Dreaming Again, an anthology of Australian speculative fiction that was published recently. (Here’s my post about it.) Jack Dann, Cecelia Dart-Thornton, Adam Browne and I will be talking about the anthology and our stories published within it. […]

Tell Me What You Think

I love hearing what people thought of my books, or reading messages that go “Wooo! It’s out!”, and even having errors pointed out (it’s usually possible to get them fixed for the reprints). Normally it’s better if those messages go in the Guestbook, but it’s easy to miss the link to it in the sidebar over there […]