Trudi Canavan

bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Maker’s Curse

Book 4 of the Millennium’s Rule Trilogy

Rielle the Maker, restorer of worlds. That is how she is known now. She has lost count of the number of worlds Baluka has sent her to save. But when he sends her to a world that isn’t magically dead, she is caught up in far more complex troubles than she has time to sort out.

Because her next visit to her own world, to check on Qall, is fast drawing close. After five cycles in exile, is he ready to return to the worlds?

Tyen has cast off his old identity. No longer a spy, his attempts to teach new sorcerers and find ways to counteract the war-machines have been thwarted by interference from Liftre. Then when the chance comes to amend past wrongs it also brings a possible solution to his troubles.

Until an old enemy brings news of something worse than dead worlds and sorcerers, and not even the most powerful sorcerers can stop it.