Trudi Canavan

bestselling author of The Black Magician Trilogy

Future Worlds

So many ideas…

I’ve been nursing an idea for a young adult horror novel for many years now. It is set around a dam that has shrunk, due to drought, to the point that the village that was drowned after the dam’s construction is revealed… along with something rather nasty. I’ve given it the working title of Village of the Dammed.

There is also a novella and a few short stories waiting for me to have time to finish and polish them. The novella has a working title of Soulbearer. In 2006 I began polishing and expanding it, but was derailed by the house extension troubles we had. I find that short story ideas are often much darker than my books ideas, and venture in the direction of urban fantasy (as in set in modern times, not romantic horror) and sometimes rather grim horror stories.

It would be great to write another trilogy set in Sonea’s world. I have written a short story (so far unpublished) set about five years after The Traitor Queen, which has proven to me that there’s potential for more stories and world development there. I’d probably move another twenty years ahead, so Sonea is about 60 and Lorkin has children to worry about.

Readers have suggested I write a prequel to the Age of the Five, and explore the Age of the Many, when there were several gods and immortals, and Mirar and Emerahl were young. That would be fun, too. It’s all a matter of finding the time.