Occasionally I am asked: “Why aren’t the books by [insert author name] in your recommended reading list?”. The answer to that is quite logical. Either:

a) I haven’t read books by that author

b) I’ve read and liked them, but didn’t like them as much as those in my top ten

c) I didn’t like them and have the good manners to not put down another author’s work in public

Remember, tastes are as varied as people. I respect that others have their own individual preferences in books and hope everyone else treats me with the same respect.

I do welcome book recommendations, though I don’t usually get the chance to follow them up. These days I don’t get to read fiction as much as I’d like. Too much time spend writing means when I rest I want a break from words. When I do read, there’s always a pile of non fiction books waiting (research), or fiction I’ve been asked to provide a quote for (if I like it), or books by friends (who I naturally want to support).