Future Worlds

So many ideas…

... but not all of them fantasy or multiple-book-series length.

Over the years, as I've put all my time and effort into writing fantasy series, I've put aside several ideas for short stories, novellas and stand-alone books. I find that my short story ideas are often much darker than my books ideas, and can be fantasy set in modern times or rather grim horror stories.

The largest idea I have is a young adult horror novel, set around a shrinking dam. Then there's a long, half written fanasty novella with a working title of SoulbearerI have a finished novella set about five years after The Traitor Queen, which was written for an anthology that wasn't published, that I'd like to see in print, too.

I know readers would like more books set in the worlds of the Black Magician Trilogy. Some have suggested I write a prequel to the Age of the Five and explore the Age of the Many, when there were several gods and immortals, and Mirar and Emerahl were young. Both these would be fun, but at the moment I don't quite have enough story ideas to fill whole book series, so I'll be concentrating on shorter projects. 

My hope is to put out a collection containing all the short stories and novellas I've had published so far, plus a handful of new works. Then I can revisit and explore both new and old worlds, and package them in one convenient book for my readers to enjoy.