Short Stories & Novellas

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“Whispers of the Mist Children”, published in Aurealis magazine, issue #23, 1999

“Room for Improvement”, published in Forever ShoresWakefield Press, 2003

“The Lost Property Room”, published in Dreaming Again, HarperCollins Publishers, 2008

“The Mad Apprentice” (novella), published in Legends of Australian Fantasy, HarperCollins, June 2010 and Epic: Legends of Fantasy, Tachyon Publications, October 2012 \

“Camp Follower”, published in Fearsome Journeys, Simon & Schuster, May 2013 and The Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror, edited by Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene, 2014

“A Good Yarn”, published in In Fabula-divinos, edited by Nicole Murphy, March 2013

“Ansell und Greta”, published in Von Fushsgeistern und Wunderlampen: Eine marchenhafte Anthologie, edited by Christian Handel, 2018

“Eye of the Beholder”, to be published in Grimdark Magazine #19, edited by Adrian Collins and Mike Myers, July 2019

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Whispers of the Mist Children, a Polish collection published by Galeria Ksiazki.

How to get hold of these stories and novellas

Since I live in Australia, my stories tend to be published there first and aren't always available elsewhere. You can order the magazines and books they appeared in either online, from the publisher, or from an Australian bookstore (if they're still in print). Use your favourite search engine to look for “Australian science fiction and fantasy bookstore” for the latter.

Dreaming Again and Legends of Australian Fantasy are also published in the US. A small collection of stories translated to Polish is available from my Polish publisher.

I am hoping to have a collection of short stories and novellas published in the future. It'll contain the stories above as well as a handful of as yet unpublished ones. However, if you do buy the above anthologies and magazines you not only support the people who have supported me over the years, but have the bonus of a whole lot of other excellent stories by very talented writers, and may discover an author whose work you’ll love.