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New Badges! More Swag!

Paul and I have been hard at work making these:

quote badges

Back in 2011 I gave away badges, designed by me and printed by my publisher, at Supanova Melbourne and in the UK. They were so popular I decided I’d have to look into having an ongoing supply of them.

Turns out the cheapest way for me to do this was to borrow a button-making machine from a friend (thanks Margaret!), order blanks from the US and make them myself. Being a crafty hands-on sort of person with a background in graphic design this was doubly fun, though it was pretty time-consuming.

Last time I had three quotes. This time I have four – the same ones I use on my bookmarks. I also couldn’t resist making a sets of theses:

character badges

Which I might offer up as prizes in the future. One set, of course, is for me.

New Swag: Character Sketch Bookmarks

I have a new bookmark design to bring to signing events along with the quote ones:

character bookmark

It features the character sketches from my Sekrit Project – the free computer wallpaper calendars I made last year.

I’d always intended to make something out of the sketches – perhaps a poster or postcard – but I wanted to redraw a few and do some tweaking so they all matched in line weight and style. It took me six months to find the time. In the end I chose to make bookmarks because I need an alternative to the quote bookmarks for fans who come to signings where english isn’t a well-known second language.

(Please note: since I produce these bookmarks myself in small quantities, I only give them out as a thank you gift to fans who come to signings or as competition prizes, not to anyone who emails to ask for some.)

Ask Me a Question

Orbit have a whole lot of exciting plans for my new Facebook fan page. Currently they are inviting readers to submit questions to me – and if you haven’t already asked one be quick as they’ll soon be closing to new questions. They’ll be putting the questions up for a vote soon, and then the top five will be sent on to me.

I’m curious to see what people will most want to know!

The Magicians’ Guild ebook for £1.99 (UK only)

Yep, the first book of the Black Magician Trilogy, The Magicians’ Guild, is part of the Amazon Summer Sale. If you live in the UK you can pick it up for just £1.99!

Paperback Traitor Queen

Today The Traitor Queen was released in paperback. Yay!

To mark the occasion, my publisher has written a lovely post over at the Orbit blog that has some amazing facts and figures for my books, none that would be so amazing if it weren’t for all my wonderful fans.

My revamped Facebook page is looking good, with a video of me giving a quick overview of all my books.

And if you vote for it today, it might win the David Gemmel Legend Award!