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Got a Question?

Tomorrow morning (Melbourne time) the lovely Veronica and Tom from the Sword & Laser video show will be interviewing me. They have a forum over at Goodreads, and you can post questions for them to ask me. So if you there’s anything you’ve always wanted to ask me, head on over here.

Of course, I’d rather you didn’t ask spoilery questions. Well, not in a spoilery way. There’s always the ‘Why did you do you-know-what to you-know-who?’ option.


I’ve added another event to my list of events for 2013:


A convention for “… types of fiction that get relegated to their own corner of the bookstore.” So science fiction and fantasy, horror, crime, romance and more. Even romance fantasy knit lit would fit in here. Last year’s GenreCon was raved about by many a participant. I’d have gone if it hadn’t been on the weekend before the Brisbane and Adelaide Supanovas, and I didn’t think I’d survive three fun but exhausting weekends in a row.

I don’t know yet if I will be there this year. I’m considering going to a convention in the USA that weekend on the way to World Fantasy Con in Brighton, UK. I’d love to go. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

Fearsome Journeys

This one’s a bit late as I’ve been immersed in writing Thief’s Magic and reorganising our library.


The wonderful Jonathan Strahan has put together an anthology of fantasy with a tilt toward the military and sorcerous, and I was delighted to be invited to submit to it – not just because it’s nice to be invited, but I had the perfect story waiting for exactly that sort of anthology*. And I don’t write short stories very often.

Look at this fabulous table of contents:

Introduction, Jonathan Strahan
“The Effigy Engine: A Tale of the Red Hats”, Scott Lynch
“Amethyst, Shadow, and Light “, Saladin Ahmed
“Camp Follower”, Trudi Canavan
“The Dragonslayer of Merebarton “, K J Parker
“leaf and branch and grass and vine”, Kate Eliot
“Spirits of Salt: A Tale of the Coral Heart”, Jeffrey Ford
“Forever People”, Robert V S Redick
“Sponda the Suet Girl and the Secret of the French Pearl”, Ellen Klages
“Shaggy Dog Bridge: A Black Company Story”, Glen Cook
“The Ghost Makers”, Elizabeth Bear
“One Last, Great Adventure”, Ellen Kushner & Ysabeau Wilce
“The High King Dreaming”, Daniel Abraham

I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on this one!

* The story is not set in the same world as any of my books.

In other news, the anthology I blogged about a few weeks back, Epic: Legends of Fantasy, made it onto the Locus 2012 Recommended Reading List. A big congratulations to John Joseph Adams!


Things are quiet here at the moment. I’m working away on Thief’s Magic whenever the weather isn’t stupidly hot, and my New Year resolution to read more traditional fantasy (after a couple of years of sampling around the edges – steampunk, urban fantasy, fantasy knit lit).

Aus/NZ Events in 2013

It’s that time of year again. The one where I try to work out some sort of schedule for the year. So far it goes like this

Jan-June: Finish writing Thief’s Magic
July: Start writing Angel of Storms
Late Oct-Early Nov: World Fantasy Con in Brighton, UK
Mid Nov: Continue writing Angel of Storms

But there’s a lot more fun to be had down under. Lots of tempting, distracting conventiony fun. Unfortunately, most of it happening in the last 2-3 months before my deadline so I’m going to have to be very choosy about which events I go to. Here’s the list:

Perth, Mar 29-Apr 1: Swancon 2013
Melbourne, Apr 12-14: Supanova
Gold Coast, Apr 19-21: Supanova
Canberra, Apr 25-28: Conflux 9 (We have memberships & hotel booked, so I’m definitely going to this.)
Sydney, May ?: Aurealis Awards
Melbourne, Jun 7-10: Continuum 9: Contraindicators (We have memberships, it’s in my home town and N K Jemesin is a guest, so I can’t miss this one.)
Sydney, Jun 21-23: Supanova
Perth, Jun 28-30: Supanova
Wellington, New Zealand, Jul 12-14: Au Contraire
Sydney, Oct 11-13: GenreCon
Brisbane, Nov 8-10: Supanova
Adelaide, Nov 15-17: Supanova

When it comes to choosing which Supanovas I’m going to, I’m torn. I wanted to go to a different pair of them each year so I regularly move around the country. But I attended the Brisbane and Adelaide one last year, and the other four are not just within the difficult deadline time but match up with two conventions I’m already committed to. Conventions wear me out. Two conventions in a row wipes me out.

But I reckon I could manage the Melbourne one since it’s in my home town, and maybe the Perth one as it’s right at the end of June and would be a fabulous way to reward myself for finishing Thief’s Magic. In both cases I get a two week break between cons. Hmm, I might just have a plan…