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Fan Festival

To celebrate the paperback release of Angel of Storms, Orbit is running a fan festival that is all about creativity.

Fan Festival

It’s an opportunity for artists and makers to demonstrate their unique skills and show how my books have inspired them. Whether you have painted Sonea’s portrait, made a soft toy veez or a Beetle pendant, we want to see it. If you haven’t seen your particular creative specialty on the list, just enquire to see if it can be included.*

The details and lists of prizes are here.

* Unfortunately I had to rule out fanfiction for this competition, as I’m going to be choosing the final winners and I don’t want to be influenced when I come to write future books. Also, I have an idea for a fanfiction project that I might do a few years down the track.

Fantasy Festival in Denmark

I’m excited to announce that I will be appearing at the Fantasy Festival in Esbjerg, Denmark, later this year.


The festival will be held at Esbjerg Conference Hotel, Stormgade 200, 6700 Esbjerg on the 17th and 18th of September 2016. It celebrates fantasy literature, movies, board games, figure and role playing. I’m looking forward to meeting Danish fantasy authors, shopping at the marketplace and, most of all, talking to my Danish fans.

For more information go to the website or visit the Facebook page.

(To head off the questions… no, I’m not going to be appearing anywhere else on this trip. It’s just a short one. I’m hoping to be back in Europe next year, though nothing official has been arranged yet.)

Angel of Storms French Edition Release Day

french edition AoS

Today the French edition of Angel of Storms is released to the world.

Bon Jour to all my French fans! I hope you enjoy the latest instalment of the Millennium’s Rule trilogy.

It’s Been Awesome

The launch was fabulous, the signing wonderful, and Supanova Adelaide and Brisbane rocked! Now that all the publicity events are done, I’ve listed links to the ongoing online celebration of the release of Angel of Storms below:

FREE WALLPAPERS for you to download for your phone, tablet or computer!
The first chapter to sample.
Discussions over on the Facebook Fan Page.
And photos and announcements on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Angel of Storms German Edition Release Day

german edition AoS

Today the German edition of Angel of Storms hits the bookstores.

Greetings to all my German fans! I hope my new book keeps you entertained this autumn. Enjoy!