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On Wednesday I flew to Syndey, where Nicola met me at the airport. I’d told her on Monday that I’ve aways wanted to be greeted on arrival at an airport by someone holding up a sign with my name on it, and she obliged. 

Yes, I have humble ambitions. But I do seem to be on a roll: first I get to sign a boob then my wish to be met by someone holding a sign is fulfilled! What next?
Sydney was as beautiful as ever. This was my view from the hotel:
After I’d had two naps, nipped out for a bit of shopping and glammed up, Nicola picked me up and we headed for Pendolino restaurant for an even more delicious dinner. (The warm hazelnut chocolate pudding is to die for, btw.) 
This time I was in the company of Nicola the Super Publicist, Hannah from Borders, Amy from Orbit, Mark from Galaxy Bookshop and Bernadette from Orbit. I was very, very tired that night, but forgot how tired I was once I got chatting to these interesting, enthusiastic people. A very enjoyable night. 

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I’ve had a busy week touring in Canberra and Sydney, and there are going to be a few new posts appearing here over the next few days as I catch up on reporting. 

Tuesday was Canberra Bookshop day. We started at Dymocks Tuggeranong, where Erin, Fiona, Debbie, Liam and Monica gave me a warm welcome and I signed stock:
Then we headed into the nation’s capital where I signed a few copies at Borders thanks to Katrina: 
Then dropped into Dymocks Canberra, where I met Renee, Matt and Roya:
And visited Dymocks Belconnen and the lovely Pippa, Katherine, Natalie and Andrew – and signed and enormous pile of books. 
Finally, we finished the day with the signing event at Gaslight Books, thanks to the wonderful Gayle. 
Thank you also to everyone who came to buy The Magicians Apprentice and have their books signed. I think I managed to chat to most of you, which made it especially fun for me. 
Lastly a big thank you to Linda, the accounts manager for Canberra, who took me around to all these shops. We had a great time talking and zooming around to all the shops. 

Canberra Dinner

canberra view.jpgLast night I had a wonderful dinner at the Boathouse restaurant with booksellers, an editor and reviewer, and some of the Orbit team.

It was so much fun and the only disappointment was that the night flew by so quickly I didn’t get to talk to everyone for as long as I’d like to have. Suddenly we were past the dessert and hot drinks and it was much later than I’d realised. We said our goodbyes, then I remembered I’d forgotten to take a photo. Linda rushed off and waylaid people in their cars, and we all gathered in front of the restaurant for a photo – all but Colin Steele from the Canberra Times who’d managed to slip away. 
canberran booksellers.jpg
Thank you to Gia from the Canberra Times, Linda from Orbit, Alison from Dymocks Canberra, Matt from Orbit, Fiona and Erin from Dymocks Tuggeranong, Nicola the Super Publicist, Andrew from Dymocks Belconnen, Renee from Dymocks tuggeranong, Gayle from Gaslight Books and (absent from photo) Colin from the Canberra Times.  Looking forward to seeing many of you today, for bookshop visits and the Gaslight signing tonight. 

Contact: Swancon 2009

The big news I’ve been waiting for the right moment to post about is that I’m going to be a Guest of Honour at Contact: Swancon 2009, a convention running over the coming Easter weekend in Perth.


I’ll be doing the full range of guesty duties, including signings, speaking on panels, a guest speech/presentation, participating in ceremonies, partying at the Masquerade and more! You can buy a pass for the day, or come join us for the whole convention. For more information check out the Contact website linked above.  



I dropped into Angus & Robertson Forest Hill Bookshop today, which is my local bookshop, and signed some copies. So if you’re after a signed copy and happen to live or shop there, I’m sure the friendly staff will be happy to sell you one!