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Canberra and Sydney Toury Stuff

Next week I’m heading north to Canberra and then Sydney, for more bookstore visits and bookseller dinners – and two signings. I don’t yet have a full confirmed list of bookshops I’ll be visiting to sign stock, but it does include Dymocks in Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Sydney. But I do have times for the signings:

5-6pm Tuesday 3rd March
Gaslight Books
Unit 10, 83 Wollongong Street
Fyshwick, ACT 2609


5:30pm Thursday 5th March
Galaxy Bookshop
143 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

So come along and get your books signed. If you can’t make it, I’ll be posting about the bookshop visits and letting you know where you can pick up signed copies.

A Busy Week

What a week! I’m all worn out! First there was the bookseller dinner, then the Summer Reading panel, then signing books at Dymocks Southland, and today a journalist is coming to interview me.

First: the Summer Reading panel. Since the library is just down the road from me I had invited the other panelists over for dinner, but poor Adam got caught in traffic and had to go direct to the library. That was okay – I invited him and Jack back to our place afterwards and made sure he had a late dinner.

The panel went well. We talked about how we came to be writing and how our careers unfolded, then of our stories in the Dreaming Again anthology, and finished by answering some great questions from a very patient and attentive audience. Myself and my fellow authors were very happy with how it went and we’ve received some enthusiastic feedback.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos as I hadn’t arranged a camera buddy for the event. But I do for the signing at Southland. How could I not record this wonderful window display?














The lovely staff at Dymocks set me up at the front of the shop and made sure I was comfortable.









And then a steady stream of customers and fan came by to have their books signed. Enough that I was busy most of the hour, but not so many that I couldn’t take the time to write something and to chat. Two customers saw me there and decided to give my books a try – one even bought my entire seven books!

A few friends who live nearby dropped in, too. During one of the breaks Emily asked if I’d sign anything. I said anything except a cheque, then jokingly lamented that I’d never been asked to sign a boob. Her eyes lit up. “Sign mine! Sign mine!” she pleaded. So here it is: 













At the end of the session I signed lots os stock, then we dragged Chuck McKenzie, the store manager, out for a photo.













So thank you to Chuck, everyone at Dymocks Southland, and all the people who came to have their books signed. And to those who left comments that they hadn’t arrived in time – sorry to have missed you but thanks for making the effort to come!

There are lots of signed copies in the store now, for anyone who wants to grab one. The store owner told me that they usually sell pretty fast, too.

Melbourne Bookseller Dinner


Last Monday I had a wonderful night out with a group of booksellers at Trunk, a restaurant on Exhibition Street in Melbourne.

It was a fine meal with lovely and interesting company. I love booksellers. They are both passionate and knowledgeable about books and great down-to-earth people. I look forward to seeing these people again soon, when I do a booksigning tour around Melbourne.

So thankyou to: Ineke from Dymocks at The Pines, Aaron and Fay from Dymocks Glen Waverley, Kat from Dymocks Camberwell, Laughlan from Hachette, Scott from Tim’s Bookshop, me, and Louise from Dymocks. (And Matt Hoy, who took the photo!)

Signing at Southland

c-tma-uk-hb.jpgNext week I have not one, but two public events to enjoy. The first is the Summer Reading panel and the second is my first Melbourne signing event.

When: 12-1pm, Saturday 21st February

Where: Dymocks Southland, 3067-8 Westfield Southland, 1239 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham.

So come on down and get your books signed! 


The last few days have been harrowing here in Victoria, Australia, as thousands of people have lost their homes and hundreds their lives in savage bushfires. I was a teenager growing up on the edge of the Dandenong ranges when the Ash Wednesday fires devastated so much of the local areas, and was visiting the area in 1997 when fire burned out the forest above the house I was to later buy (the ‘little house on a hillside near a forest’ which I sold last year). Although I’ve been lucky, growing up and living on the edge of an area notorious for bushfire does make you very aware of the dangers and terrible consequences. Just the smell of smoke can make me edgy.


These fires have been far, far worse. It’s early days yet, and there are many theories being discussed as to why, but whatever the reason the result has been tragic.


My heartfelt sympathies go to all those who have lost loved ones, and also to those who lost homes, pets, livestock and businesses. There is a list of ways to help on the ABC site – from donating money and clothing to giving blood to minding pets. The Red Cross appears to be the main fundraiser, but don’t forget the smaller charities – Wildlife Victoria, for example, which lost two animal shelters and is likely to be inundated with injured animals.