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Maker’s Curse is Delivered!

Last Tuesday I delivered Maker’s Curse, book four of the Millenniums Rule series, to the publisher. Which was before the deadline – I was actually early for once! Of course, there’s lots more work to do before it becomes a edited, polished book with a great cover. Publication will be in May 2020.

News & Plans

Last week I finished polishing the first draft of Maker’s Curse and sent it off to my lovely beta readers. I have a couple of weeks to catch up on a few matters before tackling their corrections. That includes a few announcements, and making some plans for this website.

First, the announcements.

Once again, I’ll be going to Speculate, a speculative fiction writers festival here in Melbourne, on the 16th of March. Last year’s inaugural festival was fantastic and I’m looking forward to taking part again.

And I’ve been invited to Pyrkon in May 2020. That’s the release month of Maker’s Curse in english and it’s very likely to be out a few other languages as well, so I’ll probably also do some appearances in other countries in Europe during the same trip.

Now the plans:

Orbit passed full responsibility of this website back to me in the middle of last year. I’ve always been in control of and paid for the hosting, and composed the blog posts, but for a while they did the design and most of the updating like adding book covers and such.

What with social media being the first place people seek information these days, I have wondered if this site is redundant now and I should delete it. I had to shut down comments ages ago because I was getting an overwhelming amount of spam comments, and once GDPR came in I removed all forms and today I removed all past blog posts. Since I didn’t design the site and couldn’t find out if it is GDPR compliant, it’s going to have to be replaced and I don’t have time to do it right now.

However, having a website does have two big plusses for visitors: it has (as far as I can tell) no ads, and you don’t have to sign up to anything to access it. It’s handy for me, too, as it’s easier and faster to answer common questions by giving someone a link to a FAQ page, and I can provide up-to-date publicity information.

So when the editing of Maker’s Curse is done, I will be replacing the current site with something new. Maybe something very basic, maybe a whole blog, but something new.

2016 & Beyond

It’s been a rather testing year. At the beginning, the troubles I’ve had with my neck for nearly 20 years abruptly escalated to the point where I couldn’t write. Physiotherapy and an MRI later and it seems like the problem is both a worsening of muscular issues along with the new complication of a slightly compressed disc and nerve.

Writing is the main culprit. It’s easy to tell it is. I can still paint and draw, if I stand up. I can dig in the garden. But if I sit or extend both of my arms for more than an hour even the strongest over-the-counter pain killers can’t cut the pain. Sitting and extending is worse.

(I should add: I’ve tried dictation software before, and it doesn’t work with the way I write. Please don’t sent me emails suggesting it.)

Keeping away from the computer for all but an hour a day for eight months has helped. So has reducing tweeting to a minimum – mostly just reading and replying to notifications. But it hasn’t cured me, and it’s likely this is a long-term problem that will only go away completely if I never write again.

That’s no fun.

I figure that, since I managed to write the last half of Successor’s Promise in an hour a day over about seven months, then polishing over another month, producing books is still possible. They’ll happen a lot slower, but that does give me more planning and plotting time. But before I launch into the next book, I’m having a rest for a few months (if you call physio, pilates and other exercise-related treatment a ‘rest’) to see if that helps as well.

I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.