Beautiful Books

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It’s been a while since I posted here, but there hasn’t been a lot of bookish news to report. However, there is now…

The Black Magician Trilogy has been reprinted as special editions both in English and German, and they set my little author heart aflutter. Have a look at these:

Illumicrate produces book subscription boxes and special editions. They collaborated with Orbit Books UK to release these hardbacks.

I love the cover illustration, by http://@park_sunga, that form one long image when placed side to side.

I love the embossing design, by @no0nedesigns.

I love the character illustrations on the endpapers, by @dianadworak.

I love how the page edges are coloured.

And how there is a quote from the book on the spines.

I love everything about these special editions. As a former illustrator, it’s always extra exciting to see how other artists interpret my work, and these talented people have made the books extraordinary.

But wait! There’s more! As if the Illumicrate books weren’t enough to delight me, Die Gilde Der Schwarzen Magier has also been released as special editions.

While the Illumicrate cover design is white and black, the Bücherbüchse version of the trilogy is all black but for the embossing…

…which I adore.

…and which covers front, back and spine.

I also adore the coloured and printed paper edges.

When I began writing, and honestly for most of my time as a published author, I never thought I’d see my books be clothed in such splendour. Thank you to Illumicrate, Bücherbüchse and all the artists and designers who made them such items of beauty. I will treasure them always.

The King Must Fall

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Earlier this year I was very flattered to be invited to contribute a story to an upcoming anthology, proposed by the awesome creative force that is Grimdark Magazine. Well, the Kickstarter went live a mere week ago and it has already passed its pledge aim and heading into achieving some pretty awesome stretch goals, like adding more amazing authors, illustrations throughout, creating audio versions and extra stories.

So head on over to support this fabulous anthology, or support and acquire some tempting extra goodies.

Maker’s Curse Release Week!

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Today is the first of the english language release days for Maker’s Curse. The different regions like to release books on different days of the week, so it is easier to say “release week” than “release day”. But if you want to buy the ebook, it should be available today in all territories. So I can now use this wonderful image provided by Orbit…


Orbit Live!

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Next Wednesday in Australia (Tuesday in the US) I’ll be participating in a live interview along with the very talented Devin Madson. (Author of We Ride the Storm – a book that I am currently reading and half wishing that everyone and everything else would go away so I can FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! It’s very good. Very, very good. I will be buying her first series as soon as I finish it, breaking my current Only Read From The To-Read Pile rule while laughing maniacally.)

Register at the link below to join us, ask questions and enjoy the unintentional live video hilarity (probably involving my cat dropping in or the sound of chainsaws as my neighbour cuts down yet another tree).

For US readers: 8pm Tuesday May 12th

For Australian readers: 10am Wednesday May the 13th

(That’s 1am Wednesday May the 13th, if you’re a VERY keen UK reader.)

Click here to register.