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More Inspiration for Doctor Who: Salt of the Earth – Blokarting!

Having been inspired to use salty landscape as a setting by a segment on a science documentary featuring land sailing, I decided to look into the sport. Lake Lefroy was a long way from home – off the beaten track, as they say – so I looked closer to home and found the Victorian Blokart […]

The Inspiration for Doctor Who: Salt of the Earth

In interviews about my little Doctor Who novella, I am nearly always asked why I chose the setting, so I thought I’d write a blog post and provide some links about the sources of inspiration behind it. Initially I only I wanted the story to take place somewhere very Australian, but not the sort of […]


After a late beginning, this year’s summer in Melbourne has been hot. I’ve been alternating between hibernating under the air-conditioner during heatwaves and obsessively writing during the breaks between. It doesn’t leave much room for anything else. But with less than a hundred days until Thief’s Magic is released, I’ve been thinking about ways I […]


Lately I’ve been lost in the worlds of the Millennium’s Rule trilogy, writing Angel of Storms. Or rather, rewriting, since these first chapters were once part of a novel I wrote way back when I was looking for a publisher for the Black Magician Trilogy. They are just as exciting to write now as the […]

Guest Post at Orbit

When my publisher suggested I send them a guest post for the Orbit blog, I had no idea what to write about. I couldn’t think of a subject that I hadn’t already covered in this blog, or in subject specific interviews on other people’s blogs. Also, I felt the guest post should relate in some […]

Who Am I Writing For?

Years ago, at a charity auction, I bid for and won a t-shirt because it had a bunch of writing quotes on it, including this one: Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money – Moliere* Of course, there are more things […]

Book Release Anxiety

Last week I finally delivered The Traitor Queen to Orbit, after having polished and tweaked the book for a month, farmed it out to my agent and a few trusted friends to read, then fixed the errors they found. What next? Well, the release month is August next year and a whole lot has to […]

Goodreads and The Traitor Queen

Alas, The Rogue didn’t make it into the next round of the Goodreads Choice Awards, but some fine books did so go vote for your favourite. Thanks to everyone who voted for The Rogue. I was chuffed just to have a book in the running, and for it to make it to the second round. […]

Indonesian Voice of the Gods

The Traitor Queen is going well. Last week I passed the big conclusion and this week I’m writing the aftermath and consequence chapters. I managed to squeeze in a bit of work on the Sekrit Projekt and write an outline for short story set a few years after The Traitor Queen, but otherwise I’m not […]

Five Tips for Being an Author on the Internet

I love Twitter. I love its brevity. Currently it is the easiest and most efficient way to keep up with what’s going on Out There, through following links tweeted by people who are interesting in the things I’m interested in, without it taking up a whole lot of writing time. There’s a lot of information, […]