Thief’s Magic

“Watercolour”, by Pendulum
“Promises”, by The Presets
“Believe”, by The Chemical Brothers
“Fall”, by The Presets
“Hold Your Colour”, by Pendulum
“This Boy’s In Love”, by The Presets
“Private Universe”, by Crowded House
“The Eyes of Truth”, by Enigma
“Explorers”, by Muse
“Hey Little Girl”, by Icehouse
“Play Dead”, by Bjork
“Sing For Absolution”, by Muse
“Angel”, by Massive Attack
“I Feel You”, by Depeche Mode
“Butterflies and Hurricanes”, by Muse
“Lift Me Up”, by Moby
“Follow Me”, by Muse
“Witchcraft”, by Pendulum

Angel of Storms and Successor’s Promise playlists will be added as the books are published.