Millennium’s Rule Series


An exciting new series set in a multiple-world universe. In one world, Tyen, an archaeology and sorcery student, discovers a sentient book during an expedition to unearth ancient tombs. In another, Rielle, the daughter of rich dye merchants, knows she had forbidden magical ability because she can see Stain, the void left when magic is stripped from the world.

Book 1: Thief’s Magic
Book 2: Angel of Storms
Book 3: Successor’s Promise
Book 4: Maker’s Curse, to be published in 2020

The Black Magician Trilogy


The trilogy that introduced readers to the Magicians’ Guild of Kyralia. Sonea’s magical ability is revealed during a confrontation between the poor and the Magicians’ Guild, and her life seems outside of her control from that moment on. In her struggle to learn magic and find her place, she discovers a dark and terrifying secret at the heart of the Guild that not only involves forbidden magic, but her friends in the city’s underworld, and the very survival of Kyralia and the Allied Lands.

The Magician’s Apprentice

Set hundreds of years before the events of Black Magician Trilogy, this stand-alone novel can be read as an introduction to, or an addition to, the story of Kyralia and its magicians. Tessia has grown up working as an assistant to her father, a village healer. When an encounter with a visiting Sachakan magician causes her to discover her latent magical ability, she is apprenticed to the powerful local magician, Lord Dakon. When the Sachakan magician returns with his allies, intent on conquering Kyralia, she is drawn into a war that will change nations and stretch the boundaries of magical knowledge.

The Traitor Spy Trilogy


The Traitor Spy Trilogy takes place a generation after the events of the Black Magician Trilogy. Black magic is no longer forbidden to Guild magicians, but the knowledge and practice of it is severely restricted. The underworld’s shaky alliance is long abandoned, and someone is killing off Thieves. The Allied Lands maintain peaceful relations with Sachaka, fearing they may face worse than invasion by a band of Ichani outcasts. One young magician learns that a form of magical defense may exist that could allow the Guild to reject black magic without leaving itself vulnerable, and seeking this takes him places he – and the Guild – never knew existed.

The Age of the Five Trilogy


The Age of the Five is a fantasy trilogy set in a new and exciting world. They recounting the story of Auraya, a young priestess who rises to the highest rank in her world’s religious hierarchy, only to find that there may be more to the gods she worships than she was led to believe.